Seksi Stalker :)

Wednesday, January 16

First Entry

I felt annoyed with my new school mates. They are being too much and i cannot take it anymore. It was rude to call me the daughter of colonizer and even it was the truth, my father is still Malaysian. I pretended not to hear a thing and crumbled my books. They blocked my way, but as my eyes stared they gave a way and still yelled, colonizer till i dissapeared from the pathway. i hated that school more than people could had imagined, i did not experienced all of this in my primary school year at convent seremban where i found many other mix kid. How come this can happen at a secondary school where all the kids had grown up? 

I have to changed from convent secondary school to a school that near my house because my mother had instructed to do so. I am tired to explain to them that even my father is a portugis, he had converted and a muslim now. It was not fair to judge people based on race and threated me such a way. I still remembered when i answered all the question at the blackboard they yelled, daughter of colonizer was being innocent in front of the class, they even wrote those words with markers at my pencil box and gave a welcome card with all those insulted words they could ever thought of. 

A tap on my shoulder had stopped me from remembering all those memories but every moment of my life is always there in my mind and heart because i am the one who experienced all of them. Now, i am at Pahang to fulfill my dream to master English as i can point out my view to people. A well-known customer service officer is what i want to achieve in future and communicate with people using my own way. I want to make my parents proud of me and prove to people that being intelligence is beauty in life that we should discover.