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Friday, March 22

You heard comments and maybe grievances from your seniors about Critical Literacy, but what is/are your expectation(s) or hope for this subject as you are just started.

Honestly, the subject I focus more is Critical Literacy before started the class. I had even asked a lot of question to the seniors when I was in semester 3 because felt stress dealing with the ITTL task. I was shocked when one of my friend and she was currently semester 4 at that time told me that I had to face another challenging subject which is Critical Literacy. They skip their weekends just to finish the assignments and some of them feeling like they did know anything even been briefly explained. Apart of that, I did heard that some of the students of the semester 4 said Critical Literacy subject is just easy if you know the rules. And I was like opened my eyes bigger as there were people who thought the subject was a piece of cake.

I started my semester 4 on fourth January and was very nervous to attend the first class of the subject with Madam Zariati because I did not have a chance to learn with her. Basically, the first class was great and I had been exposed to a new perception of Critical Literacy by madam as she supported me to think out of the box in handling the assignments. I had opened my eyes in looking the world as it is not being right or wrong but confident with my points. Through that, my expectation for the subject is high. I had made my own research, and tried to explore further how to best handle the situation. Thus, I am hoping to get good marks for the assignments ad score an A for the subject. I always questioned myself, if other people can score the subject, so do I.

According to Lynn Mario from Centre for The Study of Social and Global Justice had claimed that literacy is very important because education gives understanding to people. As for that, learning Critical Literacy perhaps make me to justify my own view and defend the statement even been condemned. Lastly, I had my mind to strive more to get an excellent result and prove to people that I can speak out the beauty of Critical Literacy subject towards the world. 

Preposition: Hollywood produces great movies but they don’t always tell the truth even it is based on “true stories”. Provide at least two (2) premises or counter arguments for the proposition. Write them in a complete paragraph.

As film lovers, we used to watch the placard of based on true story arise before the film had started and the word of “based” is basically from a devotion of facts in order to make the story interesting. There are films that oddly considering the patterns of the fact and deviate from the aspect of truth and validity of the stories. Some of the directors may claim to exaggerate the authentic of the movie by producing largely ridiculous story lines. As for that, there are two examples of movie that is not really follows the actual sequences which is the Social Networking and Argo.

An article had been published about Eduardo Saverin being involved with chicken cannibalism in the Social Networking movie. That is not true because there are no mention of him or cannibalism been charged with animal cruelty like what had happened in the story which is the chickens are a part of the Phoenix initiation process, as potential member carried around chickens and bring them to classes. Besides that, the place taken in the movie is Harvard. Filming of the story was actually at variety places including the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus in Baltimore as been claimed by The Baltimore Sun at 28 October 2009. The Milton Measure had also stated that the first scene was at Thirsty Scholar Pub that been located in Somerville at 13 November 2009. Eduardo Saverin’s shares diluted down lower than 0.03% and not that terrible as been shown in the movie.

The Argo movie had conveyed the venture into town to scout a possible location, but this never actually happened. Tony did not really met the six at the Canadian Deputy Chief of Mission home as been shown in the movie and the director add up the scenes just to make the story line more unique. Lastly, Hollywood may produce great movies but they did not indicate the actual incident based on the “true story” trademark.  

Read the newspaper excerpt dated 3 March, 2013 taken from New Straits Times. You will then write your opinion as a response that to be sent to Viewpoint, a column where readers can share their thoughts.

Based on the article “Prisoners to get varsity-level courses”, prisoners should be implemented several measures to enhance their skills and educational level. This action can increase their knowledge even though used to live in the prison before. Therefore, I agree with the statement as the prisoners are also human beings and they should have rights to learn like the other people in the country. We cannot cling to the perception of being a prisoner is always a bad person. We have to stop narrowing our mind and think wider because education is universal for human.

One of the main benefits of giving education to the prisoners is they will experience new method to discover their inner self through education. Therefore, they will not face any problems due to the skill that they had learned. Even though is not an easy process but we should give them a chance to prove that they are useful to the society. We should not judge them to be evil for their entire life and convey the opportunities for them to change. The education lessons include therapy, spiritual guidance, and community service.

Some of the prisoners may inmates new purpose in life and may behave well after been exposed to knowledge. This act will make them easier to find job by their surplus in diplomas and degrees. Sometimes, there is problem that may occur such as the society would not accept former prison to work with them, but as noble human beings, we should provide an equal chance for everybody including the former prisoners. It can bring a lot of privileges towards the country by the income produce from the well trained prisoners. According to University of Missouri policy analyst Jake Cronin, inmates who earned GEDs in prison were 33 percent less likely to return to prison. Lastly, this is proven that, Malaysian’s prisoners will strive for a better life and perhaps not letting themselves to go in the prison again if been given the opportunity to learn.   

Thursday, March 7

How Do We Perceive Pregnant Women Working At Industrial Workplace?

Nowadays, couples will have the delightful moment with their partner that been confirmed pregnant by the doctor. thus, there are some decisions and plans should be made for the long term circumstances. one of the major matters is financial needs, whether the pregnant women are suitable to work or been discriminate if they had already working. According to The Sex Discrimination Act 1984, pregnancy is a normal, healthy physical condition that many women experience. Various laws have been put in place to ensure that pregnant women are not disadvantaged in their employment because of pregnancy.  

As for that, employer should treat pregnant women equally with other workers because they had been chosen followed the qualification required by the company. They still can work perfectly if been given the chances. To avoid a discriminate act, employer should find workers based on the merit and do not judge them by their physical appearences. Some of the pregnant women choose to work because they have to find a salary and raise their children by helping their husband. Besides, some of them work as they find it as their dream job and it is not fair to eliminate pregnant women in work place.

Furthermore, pregnant women will gain some new experiences at work place during their pregnancy month. Even though, they will face some hardship but at least they will likely learn to adapt the difficulties and strive for success. This act perhaps make their employer trust them to handle the task if they pregnant again in future. Despite of that, employer should understand if they cannot manage the work because of the health problem that will occur such as tiredness and nausea during pregnancy month. Thus, pregnant women have to discuss the matter with their boss and find solutions so that it will not affect the working hours.

Lastly, pregnant women that are working will likely been portray as brave and competitive as they can manage their time well and take care of their health. Employers should consider the fact and remain the benefits for pregnant workers because of their equal qualification with other employee. Thus, an adjustable management should be made for them to continue working after given birth to the child as their right in the company followed by the principles in The Sex Discrimination Act 1984.