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Monday, July 29

thinking before posting

the image and the title may not related but still , it is in the same page. hehehe . rarely use this type of tudung actually . its monday and surely excited counting the days to go home. 
attended the digital and mobile communication lecture this afternoon and was emphasized more on online and this posting things. there was a video regarding of cyber bullying, its quite creepy how society been affected on the social media. *cakap pada diri sendiri jugak :D hek hek hek . but poor guy though, been abused in such a manner just because the girl posted something bad about him. its not fair. and thankfully, his mom found out and settled that matter with the principal. what if the boy do something irrelevant? do society will be responsible for that? how will people encounter the situation? when will the threat be vanished? 

so, mainly, think first before posting something on the social media . because different people convey variety message from the post. think out of the box *smileeeeee :) 

Sunday, July 28

mucho gracias

spending the nuzul quran holidays with friends and staying at their house. thank you girls :) as what paek said, its super weird that i didnt go back home as i am homesick till now. its not just that. i didnt even start shopping for the upcoming eid 2013. seriously anis. *half fainted. eh tapi dh start sikit la, tapi SIKIT je. hewhewhewhew. kbye. tahun ni mcm lain sikit kod. excited tu ade tapi snn terkenang kan subjects and the last semester . mcm berdebar pun ade jugak. *phewwww. counting the days to go home, meet beloved family and adlio . its been a while but still , i will always miss all of you. okay . 

"i do salute people who can talk well, but, the most respect given to people that prove by actions. enough said."
                                              #acah acah artis sikit gambar di atas. HAHAHAHA

slow down the song

"Now that I have captured your attention

I want to steal you for a rhythm intervention"

am i capturing your attention right now. so many things are happening and i am not sure wether i am insane or just too over thinking. *wondering. there's too much to be said . there's too much to be told. and i am standing here acting like a drama queen to avoid bad outcome. have you ever experience this? 
setiap manusia ade ragam. cuma yg lain nya, sama ada kau melebih atau kau reti bajet sendiri. yela, takkan x pernah melenting kan? lama lama tahan pun terlepas jugak . nak jaga hati org pun ada had. hati kau lagi penting . tak perlu berpura . simple as that kot . *peace

Wednesday, July 24

smile by showing the teeth

hello. and alhamdulilah. our presentation of research matrix been approved. yeayyyyy me and hidayah!!! :) hehehe. 

the topic today is mainly about changing. i may not perfect nor stay on the same spot. everyone will change, had changed or want to change. it is about how, when, what, why and most importantly, can we change? a man once told me,
"susah tu susah, kene ade tekad. tapi nak tekad tu yg susah" its about mind set. when u set it to be hard, then it will be, but if you had set your goals. how hard the situation might be, you will just go forward and dont look back. the moment when u take a glance on the past, is the time where u had strive what u aiming for and smile like you r the champion of your own game. *since when i am good in advising people. hahaha ! 

  the term of trying should be in positive ways such as, i am going to try, i will try, i have to try. not just any "try" methods. but its a must. good luck in trying everyone. 

     *next week . home . family . half heart . awaiting . i miss the moment with my family. x dapat jumpa because busy with works and programs. i love all of you :* *crying*

Sunday, July 21

social behavior

finally. alhamdulilah. shooting dah selesai . tinggal nak edit video jea. insyaallah berjalan dengan lancar. so, nak buat inferens and hypothesis sikit tentang penduduk malaysia di pahang -_____- our main purpose was to identify the behavior of people therefore. through out many plans, we had chose to put a very long tissue paper around the back pocket and clarify the respond from people surrounding. (yes, quite humiliating) but through this, aku boleh lihat sendiri gelagat manusia. ada yang hanya memandang dan mungkin cuba respond melalui "mind control", ada yang hanya tersenyum seolah, *nasib bukan aku, and ada juga yg berani untuk tegur. tahniah kepada calon2 yg memasuki video kami dan masih dlm pertimbangan untuk masukkan di youtube. sbb very funny. *video livta yg dulu pun tak upload lagi sbb tiada masa. sorry :) hehehehe

    *break fasting at megamall, and the video taken at giant and paveway in megamall. special thanks to all the participants, group mates, hidayah and rizal fa'iz and friends, lina, fara, fatn, aslah and zakwan .

Monday, July 15


topic today is difference? what is the difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow? what can happened during the time? what will we react follow the circumstances. based on survey, some people may just calm and pretend nothing happened, but there is people who think critically, last but not least. people will just go with the flow. so, if u experience this, what will you do? it is just a question but a very big question mark ahead. 

        "keeping a secret is legal because it doesn't involve any fraud"

P/s: semua orang ingat senang nak beraksi, tapi, untuk aku, aku pilih jadi drama queen yang berakal daripada penagih perhatian yg remeh. sekian.


the time is 12.31 in the morning and its monday already. have class at 10.30a.m. ermmm. another 4 month to finish this semester. assignments just began. have to finish the shooting for social behavior and the draft for first survey. alhamdulilah, the business proposal been approved. just to search more and never give up. seriously. papa's quote will always in mind. 

               papa: what do you want to achieve? state your aim and strive more Anis.

there's a lot in my mind and kadang2 rasa ade yg tak perlu difikirkan. anis, FOKUS. STEADY. and SUCCESS. orang selalu anggap berubah itu senang tapi ade yg anggap susah. cuma definisi BERUBAH tu berlainan bg setiap orang. think out of the box and make the best choice.  

   I miss my family a lot and sometimes i still can remember the little things they did, or speak. how they react when i arrived home, and how they respond by the date and ask, "bila kakak anis nak balik papa? kakak anis cuti lama tak mami? *tears falling* 

Saturday, July 13

white house down

first weekend at pahang after registration. spending time with friends and overnight. not any stay up night, but me and sara have a awesomely night at the rental house of the semester 5 outsiders'. tersangat la seronok tengok suasana rumah sewa diorang. ada hari ajak la saya lagi. kbye. hahahaha. thank you girls. went to ecm to watch white house down. and channing tatum was different in that movie, but overall, a one place story line really capture the suspend and humor of the audience. good job. 
     *acah2 working for movie review pulak. haha*