Seksi Stalker :)

Thursday, August 22

research and proposal

i wonder if someone or somebody is missing me right now. because, i felt confused and my heart drives me away to my home. somehow, papa will always say, 

"life must go on, you have your own responsibilities to fulfill, anis" 

yes papa, i know, and dont worry, i am always clarify where i should stand and encounter my own success. is just that, the "homesick" feeling is here, and currently busy with assignments and programmes. tak pernah rasa mcm ni. eeeeeee. okay. bye.

Saturday, August 17

eid 2013 .

         well, its not too late to wish happy eid mubarak 2013 to all muslim in malaysia and all around the world. have a blast moment :) alhamdulilah everything is running fine and i am happy with the achievement. 

currently addicted to the clarity song by ZEDD \m/  hoping they make a mix of that song and certainly will download it. hehe . have to sleep early, going for a date tomorrow . hehehe. going back to port dickson really made me realized something. no matter how far you go and travel, there will always some memories that you remember even though u grow older. and i am hoping to sustain more. insyaallah .

#second raya :) *will be back in pahang this sunday, haihhhh. i want to finish my studies as soon as possible but still feel the homesick. btw, thanks ayin for the surprise call, really appreciated it though and yes, i miss seremban :') 

Monday, August 5

upcoming month

pejam celik pejam celik lagi tiga hari nak raya. kan? hehe. alhamdulilah. masih bernyawa dengan izin Allah swt. dan ade 5 pasang baju kurung tahun ni. so raya pertama di port dickson of course purple, kedua di dusun nyior pink colour . tiap2 tahun tak bergaduh nak beraya kat belah mana sbb family belah papa x sambut raya. so, mami yg dpt kelebihan :) raya kedua tu bru lawat family angkat papa. wishes raya tiap tahun tetap same, hope dapat duit raya lagi laa *buat muka innocent. hehehe . cuti raya pun dua minggu so nk beraya puas2 and lawat kawan2, for sure . tak lupa assignment yg ade, sampai plan nak pergi kepong buat kerje dgn hidayah. wehehehehehe


alhamdulilah. selamat sampai ke rumah di seremban. terima kasih amir fahmi. hehe. ckup 24 jam kiraan berada di rumah, eman dh ajak ke jusco . ape lagi . trus siap and bergerak. sampai sampai je dh rmai org kat sana. tak byk pilihan la, and the moment nk reserved tempat berbuka puasa, hampir smua tempat penuh. okay, eman, sabar yee. akhirnya, craving nk makan ramen pun terpaksa dibatalkan sebab jumpa rice with chicken sweet sour. nyum nyumm. haha . disebabkan berdua, tak habis la mkanan yg di order. so we hope perjalanan ke times square nanti running fine. hehehe

ternyata shopping di TS lebih berbaloi la. dtg dgn tgn kosong, balik dgn byk beg plastik. nasib train x ramai org and crowded. just sesat nak ke monorel. the funniest moment ever. -____- hahaha! bought the same shoes but different colour. * x dpt creepers pun xpela, asalkan acah2 creepers kan eman. hehe 

        *to aiman (the girl in picture above):  may not spell your name right, but what i am sure i care about you and do stay when the hardship come, as what you said, "sejak lahir lg kite kawan anis" thank you eman for saturday and sunday hang out. me lafyuuuuuuuu :* hehehe