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Monday, July 15


the time is 12.31 in the morning and its monday already. have class at 10.30a.m. ermmm. another 4 month to finish this semester. assignments just began. have to finish the shooting for social behavior and the draft for first survey. alhamdulilah, the business proposal been approved. just to search more and never give up. seriously. papa's quote will always in mind. 

               papa: what do you want to achieve? state your aim and strive more Anis.

there's a lot in my mind and kadang2 rasa ade yg tak perlu difikirkan. anis, FOKUS. STEADY. and SUCCESS. orang selalu anggap berubah itu senang tapi ade yg anggap susah. cuma definisi BERUBAH tu berlainan bg setiap orang. think out of the box and make the best choice.  

   I miss my family a lot and sometimes i still can remember the little things they did, or speak. how they react when i arrived home, and how they respond by the date and ask, "bila kakak anis nak balik papa? kakak anis cuti lama tak mami? *tears falling* 

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