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Saturday, August 17

eid 2013 .

         well, its not too late to wish happy eid mubarak 2013 to all muslim in malaysia and all around the world. have a blast moment :) alhamdulilah everything is running fine and i am happy with the achievement. 

currently addicted to the clarity song by ZEDD \m/  hoping they make a mix of that song and certainly will download it. hehe . have to sleep early, going for a date tomorrow . hehehe. going back to port dickson really made me realized something. no matter how far you go and travel, there will always some memories that you remember even though u grow older. and i am hoping to sustain more. insyaallah .

#second raya :) *will be back in pahang this sunday, haihhhh. i want to finish my studies as soon as possible but still feel the homesick. btw, thanks ayin for the surprise call, really appreciated it though and yes, i miss seremban :') 

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