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Friday, March 7


true story.
a man is for the happiness of a women.
a women resembles man's joyful moment.
round circle rectangle square we complete each other though.

no matter how far we go and been through, with the bless of Allah they can serve the world for a better place.
some may not agree but some will think it is the truth.
there will a time when u extremely excited to tell your loved ones what happened in a day,
there will be a moment when u too eager to meet your loved ones.
and there will be the right memories where held the date of both of u being united.
somehow somewhere, you. yes you. you had thought about that too haa?

definitely, i though about happiness, enjoyment, and many great things that Allah can gives me.
and be thankful of all the blessings from Allah.
yes, thank you Allah. alhamdulilah. 

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