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Thursday, March 7

How Do We Perceive Pregnant Women Working At Industrial Workplace?

Nowadays, couples will have the delightful moment with their partner that been confirmed pregnant by the doctor. thus, there are some decisions and plans should be made for the long term circumstances. one of the major matters is financial needs, whether the pregnant women are suitable to work or been discriminate if they had already working. According to The Sex Discrimination Act 1984, pregnancy is a normal, healthy physical condition that many women experience. Various laws have been put in place to ensure that pregnant women are not disadvantaged in their employment because of pregnancy.  

As for that, employer should treat pregnant women equally with other workers because they had been chosen followed the qualification required by the company. They still can work perfectly if been given the chances. To avoid a discriminate act, employer should find workers based on the merit and do not judge them by their physical appearences. Some of the pregnant women choose to work because they have to find a salary and raise their children by helping their husband. Besides, some of them work as they find it as their dream job and it is not fair to eliminate pregnant women in work place.

Furthermore, pregnant women will gain some new experiences at work place during their pregnancy month. Even though, they will face some hardship but at least they will likely learn to adapt the difficulties and strive for success. This act perhaps make their employer trust them to handle the task if they pregnant again in future. Despite of that, employer should understand if they cannot manage the work because of the health problem that will occur such as tiredness and nausea during pregnancy month. Thus, pregnant women have to discuss the matter with their boss and find solutions so that it will not affect the working hours.

Lastly, pregnant women that are working will likely been portray as brave and competitive as they can manage their time well and take care of their health. Employers should consider the fact and remain the benefits for pregnant workers because of their equal qualification with other employee. Thus, an adjustable management should be made for them to continue working after given birth to the child as their right in the company followed by the principles in The Sex Discrimination Act 1984.

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