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Friday, March 22

Read the newspaper excerpt dated 3 March, 2013 taken from New Straits Times. You will then write your opinion as a response that to be sent to Viewpoint, a column where readers can share their thoughts.

Based on the article “Prisoners to get varsity-level courses”, prisoners should be implemented several measures to enhance their skills and educational level. This action can increase their knowledge even though used to live in the prison before. Therefore, I agree with the statement as the prisoners are also human beings and they should have rights to learn like the other people in the country. We cannot cling to the perception of being a prisoner is always a bad person. We have to stop narrowing our mind and think wider because education is universal for human.

One of the main benefits of giving education to the prisoners is they will experience new method to discover their inner self through education. Therefore, they will not face any problems due to the skill that they had learned. Even though is not an easy process but we should give them a chance to prove that they are useful to the society. We should not judge them to be evil for their entire life and convey the opportunities for them to change. The education lessons include therapy, spiritual guidance, and community service.

Some of the prisoners may inmates new purpose in life and may behave well after been exposed to knowledge. This act will make them easier to find job by their surplus in diplomas and degrees. Sometimes, there is problem that may occur such as the society would not accept former prison to work with them, but as noble human beings, we should provide an equal chance for everybody including the former prisoners. It can bring a lot of privileges towards the country by the income produce from the well trained prisoners. According to University of Missouri policy analyst Jake Cronin, inmates who earned GEDs in prison were 33 percent less likely to return to prison. Lastly, this is proven that, Malaysian’s prisoners will strive for a better life and perhaps not letting themselves to go in the prison again if been given the opportunity to learn.   

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