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Friday, March 22

You heard comments and maybe grievances from your seniors about Critical Literacy, but what is/are your expectation(s) or hope for this subject as you are just started.

Honestly, the subject I focus more is Critical Literacy before started the class. I had even asked a lot of question to the seniors when I was in semester 3 because felt stress dealing with the ITTL task. I was shocked when one of my friend and she was currently semester 4 at that time told me that I had to face another challenging subject which is Critical Literacy. They skip their weekends just to finish the assignments and some of them feeling like they did know anything even been briefly explained. Apart of that, I did heard that some of the students of the semester 4 said Critical Literacy subject is just easy if you know the rules. And I was like opened my eyes bigger as there were people who thought the subject was a piece of cake.

I started my semester 4 on fourth January and was very nervous to attend the first class of the subject with Madam Zariati because I did not have a chance to learn with her. Basically, the first class was great and I had been exposed to a new perception of Critical Literacy by madam as she supported me to think out of the box in handling the assignments. I had opened my eyes in looking the world as it is not being right or wrong but confident with my points. Through that, my expectation for the subject is high. I had made my own research, and tried to explore further how to best handle the situation. Thus, I am hoping to get good marks for the assignments ad score an A for the subject. I always questioned myself, if other people can score the subject, so do I.

According to Lynn Mario from Centre for The Study of Social and Global Justice had claimed that literacy is very important because education gives understanding to people. As for that, learning Critical Literacy perhaps make me to justify my own view and defend the statement even been condemned. Lastly, I had my mind to strive more to get an excellent result and prove to people that I can speak out the beauty of Critical Literacy subject towards the world. 

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