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Wednesday, July 24

smile by showing the teeth

hello. and alhamdulilah. our presentation of research matrix been approved. yeayyyyy me and hidayah!!! :) hehehe. 

the topic today is mainly about changing. i may not perfect nor stay on the same spot. everyone will change, had changed or want to change. it is about how, when, what, why and most importantly, can we change? a man once told me,
"susah tu susah, kene ade tekad. tapi nak tekad tu yg susah" its about mind set. when u set it to be hard, then it will be, but if you had set your goals. how hard the situation might be, you will just go forward and dont look back. the moment when u take a glance on the past, is the time where u had strive what u aiming for and smile like you r the champion of your own game. *since when i am good in advising people. hahaha ! 

  the term of trying should be in positive ways such as, i am going to try, i will try, i have to try. not just any "try" methods. but its a must. good luck in trying everyone. 

     *next week . home . family . half heart . awaiting . i miss the moment with my family. x dapat jumpa because busy with works and programs. i love all of you :* *crying*


Anonymous said...

Wise words by wise man huh :)

Anyz Sophia said...

maybe . action is the powerful methods ever :)