Seksi Stalker :)

Sunday, July 28

slow down the song

"Now that I have captured your attention

I want to steal you for a rhythm intervention"

am i capturing your attention right now. so many things are happening and i am not sure wether i am insane or just too over thinking. *wondering. there's too much to be said . there's too much to be told. and i am standing here acting like a drama queen to avoid bad outcome. have you ever experience this? 
setiap manusia ade ragam. cuma yg lain nya, sama ada kau melebih atau kau reti bajet sendiri. yela, takkan x pernah melenting kan? lama lama tahan pun terlepas jugak . nak jaga hati org pun ada had. hati kau lagi penting . tak perlu berpura . simple as that kot . *peace

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