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Monday, July 29

thinking before posting

the image and the title may not related but still , it is in the same page. hehehe . rarely use this type of tudung actually . its monday and surely excited counting the days to go home. 
attended the digital and mobile communication lecture this afternoon and was emphasized more on online and this posting things. there was a video regarding of cyber bullying, its quite creepy how society been affected on the social media. *cakap pada diri sendiri jugak :D hek hek hek . but poor guy though, been abused in such a manner just because the girl posted something bad about him. its not fair. and thankfully, his mom found out and settled that matter with the principal. what if the boy do something irrelevant? do society will be responsible for that? how will people encounter the situation? when will the threat be vanished? 

so, mainly, think first before posting something on the social media . because different people convey variety message from the post. think out of the box *smileeeeee :) 

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