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Sunday, July 28

mucho gracias

spending the nuzul quran holidays with friends and staying at their house. thank you girls :) as what paek said, its super weird that i didnt go back home as i am homesick till now. its not just that. i didnt even start shopping for the upcoming eid 2013. seriously anis. *half fainted. eh tapi dh start sikit la, tapi SIKIT je. hewhewhewhew. kbye. tahun ni mcm lain sikit kod. excited tu ade tapi snn terkenang kan subjects and the last semester . mcm berdebar pun ade jugak. *phewwww. counting the days to go home, meet beloved family and adlio . its been a while but still , i will always miss all of you. okay . 

"i do salute people who can talk well, but, the most respect given to people that prove by actions. enough said."
                                              #acah acah artis sikit gambar di atas. HAHAHAHA

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